I’ve started reading and collecting quotes about Anxiety, Depression and Dyslexia since starting this blog so why don’t I share a few? Sometimes they comfort me no matter my mood, I hope they do the same for you.

Please do feel free to comment some of your favourites below or send me some privately to help expand my list! sunnyandstormydays@gmail.com



“Anxiety is love’s greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic.” 

– Anais Nin

“People who are prone to anxiety are nearly always people-pleasers who fear conflict and negative feelings like anger. When you feel upset, you sweep your problems under the rug because you don’t want to upset anyone. You do this so quickly and automatically that you’re not even aware you’re doing it.”

 – David D. Burns 

“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”

– Charles Spurgeon 


“Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say “My tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken.”

– C.S Lewis. The Problem of Pain 

“Whenever you read a cancer booklet or website or whatever, they always list depression among the side effects of cancer. But, in fact, depression is not a side effect of cancer. Depression is a side effect of dying.”

– John Green. The fault in Our Stars

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”

– Henry Wadworth Longfellow

“I now think of depression as pain. It’s a kind of living death, a nonfeeling that is its own sort of agony. The problem was, I always knew exactly how dead I was, how my mind had shut down. There was still this consciousness of what I was losing. Everybody who is depressed is aware of what they’ve lost. That’s the real hell of it.”

– “Alice” from Pain: The Fifth Vital Sign by Marni Jackson

“Depression is such a cruel punishment. There are no fevers, no rashes, no blood tests to send people scurrying in concern. Just the slow erosion of the self, as insidious as any cancer. And, like cancer, it is essentially a solitary experience. A room in hell with only your name on the door.”

– Martha Manning, Undercurrent


“Everybody is a genius, But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” 

– Albert Einstein 

“Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.” 

– Johnny Depp 

“All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

– Walter E. Disney (He was labelled a “slow” child)

“A teacher sent the following note home with a six-year-old boy: “He is too stupid to learn.” That boy was Thomas A. Edison”. 

– Thomas Edison


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