My Little Sketch Book

I wanted to share a few of my pieces from my sketch book, let me know what you think (be nice)!

Einstein 2Einstein 3

Einsteins – there’s more
to come…my dog stood on this whilst I was watercolouring and ripped it so I’ve had to start again (grr). Atleast I got a photo eh!

Paper cut frame

As you can read on my previous post my dog passed away so I felt it necessary to create a fully handmade paper cut frame for her.


This is one of my most advanced piece of work which I am super proud of. My mum and dad loved receiving this as their birthday present.


15034487_935073229958738_5229657565222141952_n 15624835_212389779169152_6138706042168541184_n 15802890_609942222546586_35790860125732864_n 15803308_1358635084180521_5124440517261656064_n 15876440_1180668292032359_67135741905338368_n 15876528_827430957400131_1236812115797344256_n 15877072_1625856777719154_8810358279340294144_n 16110126_402477283428035_1955578805498150912_n