I had a Black Dog, his Name was Depression

I really love this video. I love it because it can be understood by anyone – even those who have never had or loved someone with depression. Take 5 minutes to watch this, trust me it really is great.

…and if you do know someone with depression and need a little advice on how to help, take a look at this video.


5 thoughts on “I had a Black Dog, his Name was Depression

  1. I really like the way that he gives depression a “face.” In this case, the Black Dog. I’m a strong believe that sometimes the best way to educate people is to reframe the story, give it a different context. He did this amazingly well. Thank you for the share.

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    1. I love this Senseless! As you state, I believe the black dog is a lot more relatable to those who don’t suffer from mental illnesses. When I was watching the video I got a little emotional simply because it made me realise that there are people out there who do understand and do have bad days. I’m not alone and I thank the person who created this incredible metaphor.

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  2. Depression is a really hard disease, specially when you have to fight it and fight prejudice at same time. It’s hard to make even closer, deary people understand what you go through and that you need they help and support the same way someone with any other illness.

    I really like this video about the black dog. I know people that changed their minds after they watched it. It’s really that case where you have to draw so people can understand.

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    1. Bunny (cute name), I think this video is fantastic! I’m glad you agree. It’s really influenced the way in which I talk to people about my illnesses – I now have a metaphor I can use to help them understand. Those who are victim to prejudice are usually surrounded by those who simply cannot understand, therefore, as you state, more people need to be drawn to this video.

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