#WorldMentalHealthDay – 22 Things about me that have Nothing to do with my Depression

Today I’ve realised that people with mental disorders worry a lot about stigmas. We worry that someone may treat us differently just because our mind works differently to what’s suggested as ‘normal’; and because of this people are scared to talk.

I want to focus on the sunny side of my blog and make you realise that there is a lot more to yourself than whatever you’ve been diagnosed with. Here are 22 things about me that have nothing to do with my depression, because as much as it feels like depression consumes my entire life, it isn’t all that I am.

  1. I’m only 5 foot nothing.
  2. I love hand cream and nice shower gels. I probably put it on 50 times per day.
  3. I sometimes wave and talk at (not to) dogs and then realize that they don’t really know what I’m doing.
  4. My favourite scent is pink peppercorn and Lavender for relaxing.
  5. I have an ectopic heartbeat and Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia
  6. I have a huuuuge wardrobe of clothes but never have anything to wear.
  7. My favourite colour is yellow.
  8. I like to see myself as quite artistic, at the moment I’m teaching myself calligraphy.
  9. I have one older brother, we once fought like cat and dog but now we’re older we do get on.
  10. I was the youngest Ju-Jitsu black belt in the UK (until someone stole it!).
  11. To be a paramedic is my dream job.
  12. I went to a primary school with only 57 pupils.

– BREAK: This is really fun! You should write about you, too. –

  1. Coronation Street is my one and only favourite TV show.
  2. I’ve always wanted to help people, whether that is writing, doing charity events or in general health care – I just never have the confidence to go ahead with any ideas.
  3. I love looking in little trinket shops – the weirder the better!
  4. I talk in my sleep. Any time I have a sleepover, friends and my partner tell me the most wild things that they heard me say in the night. Apparently I laugh in my sleep sometimes, too. CREEPY.
  5. I love quotes. I have a few notebooks filled with them, especially now I have started calligraphy – the cheesier the better.
  6. I go to Starbucks way too often. If I can find a place to sit, I drink lattes and write in my journal. If there isn’t a seat I’ll take a latte to my work desk, there’s just no stopping me.
  7. I love going out for meals, trying new places and foods. Just sitting with exotic drinks and chatting to my boyfriend. It’s the best thing ever.
  8. Goats. I love goats. They are cute and hilarious. I really really want a goat, but I don’t own any land. If I ever win the lottery the first thing I will buy is a goat.
  9. I am appalling with directions. Do not ask me how to get to my house from your house because I haven’t a clue where I am half of the time.
  10. I need a lot of alone time to de-stress and recharge. I love my own space, but not for an excessive amount of time…I’m difficult.

When I started writing this list, it was really difficult to think of things to say. I pushed myself to write 22 things though, my lucky number and my age. Try writing a list like this for yourself. Save it some place special to read whenever you feel overwhelmed with pain. We all need to remind ourselves of who we are.


4 thoughts on “#WorldMentalHealthDay – 22 Things about me that have Nothing to do with my Depression

  1. When I read your posts, I am always amazed that I feel like I am seeing into new worlds of thought and ideas, and that I am seeing a different Rachel than the Rachel who physically exists. This post however, gave me a glimpse of the actual young lady with whom I “chat” and that has been an all-new joy. I also know that I have been a little remiss in keeping in touch and commenting, and I promise that I will not lapse again. Finally, thank you for your comments on my own page prompting me to get back to writing. Your push is appreciated more than you can know and I’ll have something new up – even if senseless – soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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