A favour of an Anonymous Friend In Need

What’s the difference between myself having a breakdown and a friend having a breakdown?

To me, nothing. It’s just going to take one of us a little longer to have a breakthrough, yet neither of us know who is going to reach the finish line first.

Personally, I think the main difference between myself having a breakdown and a friend having a breakdown is the way in which each of us cope with the pain. This doesn’t mean we can’t help and support one another.

My anonymous friend has been trying to post for a while, but the pressure of anxiety and people judging has built and built to the point where she couldn’t leave her own bedroom. Last night I tried to remind her of how amazing of a person she is. I think we reached a breakthrough point together where we were able to support each other and I was provided with the opportunity to persuade her to write her thoughts down and create a blog.

My blog is slowly getting more and more nominations which I am so so proud of, it’s wonderful news. Not only that I’m also gaining followers on a daily basis. It’s exactly what I want and what I need. But most of all, more viewers and readers means more people helped and this is what this blog is all about.

So as of now;

ASK FOR HELP – ask me ANYTHING, over the blog, twitter or email I am here anytime. I’m no medical expert but I do know a few tricks of the trade that are getting me through each day.

ASK YOU FOR HELP – I ask you to please support my friend. Give her blog a read, a like, a comment, anything because she is an amazing human being who is in need of a little TLC https://tryingtomoveonblog.wordpress.com/

When writing this I really do feel like the Queen of Vulnerability. It’s so ironic because I can write about my thoughts suicide far easier than I can talk about me actually surviving in this life I have. I am so sick of talking about my low points. I want to talk about my high points in life and attempting to help others.

But first? First…I need to ask for help. Here.

Support my friends’ blog, please. If she has this, I think she could fully blossom. More posts, more stories, more life. She could share her life with you.

Let us both share our lives with you. Please. I LOVE YOU.


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