The Last Few Days of Summer (Help!)

Short post for you today readers…and I hate to break it to you but Summer is almost over and I am really not ready for it to be over. Today I was thinking about how much more summer I would need to feel a good enough break from last winter and the answer would be atleast two years…

I’ve heard that it’s super easy to get depressed when Summer is over but I am yet to live it. I’m thinking my solution to beating this rumour is to make the most of my last year at University, join a society, take up some new volunteering and fill my time with as much activity as possible. I’m going to try and get myself outdoors, I’ve even bought a bike to help with the daily commute to University!

Anyway this is my little simple post for today. My advice to myself and to you is to do stuff outside while you still can comfortably. Maybe we won’t miss summer so much later if we soak up the sun as much as possible now.

…while you’re here and I’ve got your attention, do you have any advice for me on how to beat the ‘end of summer blues’?


7 thoughts on “The Last Few Days of Summer (Help!)

  1. I think planning things is a great idea! Especially if you’re going back to uni because sometimes a change of location while everything else is changing (aka: the weather) can be quite stressful ha. I always get overly excited when I go back to uni and then end up feeling quite low after a few weeks – I’d recommend planning ahead! I make a list of things I wanna do (free things like go to a comedy show or something ha) also, and this might not be any use at all for you haha but checking out the support systems etc. or just having a drop-in session to get things off my mind usually helps me!

    Especially when autumn is on it’s way – I’m getting mega carried away now haha, but writing a list of all the ace stuff you’ve done during the summer is a great way to remember everything and have something to reflect upon when you’re down! Also, make a list of all the pros for autumn… blankets, fuzzy socks, film nights, hot drinks and all that jazz!

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    1. That’s exactly what I do! I get extremely excited and end up quite low…I guess I’m setting myself up for a fail. That sounds great! I’m definitely going to try the list of free things I want to do.
      I’ve just treated myself to a new super fluffy dressing gown so that’s definitely going to be the first good thing about autumn on the list šŸ˜‰

      Thank you for the help Ella! You’re a star šŸ™‚ x


  2. I always get energized in the fall….love the change in the air and knowing the holidays are coming. After the heat of summer, I find it a welcome relief!


    1. I’ve actually just treated myself to a nice warm winter coat and can’t wait to wear it! I guess there are some good points about the heat of Summer disappearing šŸ™‚


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