World Suicide Prevention Day ’15

The rumour is that we can’t talk about depression, suicide and a whole host of other mental illnesses.

This rumour causes people to feel alone and live alone when it comes to their pain. The truth to this rumour is that, as people, we all relate to pain. Everyone has struggled from time to time, we all encounter questions in life and have all experienced some sort of sadness. All of this is part of the human experience that you and I keep waking up to.

With these points in mind, I welcome you to tomorrow, (a day early), National Suicide Prevention Day. Tomorrow, people across the globe will be pushing back at the rumour, together we will say that it is important to talk about mental health and suicide. Together we will say that it is ok to be honest and to ask for help.

Suicide means a story ends too soon but tomorrow stands for hope, believing that the next day can be different, that life is worth living and it is possible to change. Remember, you cannot be replaced.


Here’s how you can get involved;

Spread the word on social media

Use the hashtag #WSPD15 (World Suicide Prevention Day), and let everyone know what you are doing to start conversations about suicide prevention. Don’t forget to tag me @SunnyandStormy if you need any advice or just want a chat!

Get involved – Volunteer 

Check out and see if there are any volunteering positions that might suit you!


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