What Not to Say When Someone Panics

I decided I wanted to try and branch out a little. All of my posts so far have been directed towards those who suffer from Depression, Dyslexia, Anxiety a wide variety of things. So I thought I’d create a post that would provide some advice for those who are trying to help someone with similar illnesses. I found this YouTube video by PsychCentral and thought it would be the perfect place to start!

1. Just calm down. “When someone says this, it almost feels like they’re telling me what to do. And if I’m already at the point where I can’t control my body, it’s a request that’s impossible to comply with.”

2. Why can’t you just relax? “It’d be like relaxing while being chased by a wild animal or running out of a burning building.”

3. There’s nothing wrong with you. “My body is shaking. I can’t feel my feet. Of course there’s something wrong with me. I’m having a panic attack, and I feel miserable.”

4. Sit down. “Let the panicker decide what feels most comfortable for him or her.”

5. You’re overreacting. “We already know that.”

I could pick nits and say #1 and #2 are essentially the same thing, but this is really good.


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