Dyslexia Didn’t Stop Einstein…

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month so I decided I needed to produce my first blog which focuses solely on Dyslexia and raising its awareness. I was trying to decide which topic to cover in today’s post and while flicking through the internet I came across 3 facts which triggered an idea. The facts I stumbled upon are as followed;

  • 10% of the worlds population are Dyslexic
  • 35% of entrepreneurs are Dyslexic
  • 41% of prisoners are Dyslexic

I did a little more research on the facts as they left me asking a few questions, and it turns out they are in fact true! Each of the facts are astounding and really deserve a dedicated blog of their own, but for today and in keeping with the awareness month I thought it’d be nice to focus on the positives. I have come across hundreds of blogs that list Dyslexic entrepreneurs in an effort to motivate others and although these are great, lists bore me a little. If you tell a child who is suffering from all the difficulties of Dyslexia that it’s “all going to be ok” as Albert Einstein was also Dyslexic…it’s not really going to make much of a difference to them. Although the thought is there I decided this topic could be approached from a slightly different angle.

Look at it this way, since 35% of entrepreneurs are Dyslexic you also have the potential to be a highly successful individual. This won’t remove your difficulties, and might not make your education easier for you but it may help you focus yourself a little more.

Another fact to couple with this one is that Dyslexics often excel more than others at connecting ideas, thinking outside of the box, 3D thinking and seeing the big picture. We also tend to excel in areas of art, computer science, design, drama, electronics, math, music, physics, sales, sports and anything were creative and unique problem solving skills come into play.

…with this in mind, it might be worth your while experimenting in these fields, see if any of them take your fancy or if you appear to have an undiscovered talent. If you seem to be naturally good at science topics, physics, chemistry, biology and/or psychology for example may be good options for you to explore. As a Dyslexic you have the ability to solve problems others can’t as our brains work differently, so you also have the potential to join the 35% of entrepreneurs that are dyslexic or maybe even increase this percentage.

I’ve found that my mind is quite scientific, yet creative so I’ve invested my time in a Marketing and Psychology degree. I’ve found my grades in coursework are much higher than those grades in exams but I won’t let this deter me from attempting the excel in this field. I would urge people to work in areas you have an interest in, even if it might not be the highest paying job In the world. If you really enjoy the subject area and you’re good at it then you may soon find a way to turn it into a profitable venture for yourself. You never know…you could be the next Einstein, Henry Ford, Richard Branson…the list goes on.



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