The ‘Be Safe’ App

The ‘Be Safe’ App has been out for a year or so now, it’s the end product of a year-long process involving mindyourmind, youth volunteers, the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health and other members of the System Improvement Through Service Collaboratives across Ontario.

It is clear that the people involved in creating this app have experience with London’s mental health care system, mental illnesses and/or supporting someone in crisis and I believe they should also be so proud of what they have achieved. I came across a night where I needed help, but didn’t know who to turn to. Although British, the app still provided me with the strength and confidence to get help without having to cry endlessly down the phone to a willing volunteer, so I would highly recommend it to someone who is suffering in preferred silence. I would describe the App as a safety plan, a decision-making tool, a phone book which keeps all the information you might need in crisis at your fingertips. It’s a handy app, not to mention it is free!

The version I played around with is designed for people in London, Ontario and area, so it directs you to services in London. It can be downloaded by anyone, no matter where you live, but keep in mind that some of its features (like the addresses of hospitals) will be London-based. I would suggest contacting mindyourmind with any questions or interests in adapting this app for your area if you are interested – which I am planning on doing as I believe the UK needs this!

This is innovation directed at helping people, so why not download it, use it, share it and heal with it.

Be Safe! You deserve help.


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