Control, Shame, Vulnerability and Happiness

According to researcher Brene Brown who looks into the phenomenon of shame suggests shame has a niggling question “Is there something about me that makes me unworthy of love or admiration?” and this questions is the primary enemy of connection and happiness.

She states that there is one main thing that separates people who have a strong sense of love and belonging from those who don’t; they believe they are worthy.

If you’re experiencing or have experienced a panic attack or disorder, the odds are you’re a connoisseur of shame. Your inability to go where you want, or do what you want, speak to whom you want, when you want has made you at least periodically fairly disgusted with yourself. But don’t worry, this is a big club so welcome!

The video below is an extremely inspiring presentation. However, Brown doesn’t have many answers to questions like; How do we stop trying to squeeze a panic out of our lives? How to do enter a world of being better able to live with vulnerability? Although Brown doesn’t specifically answer these questions, I would love to hear your answers.


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