Our Powerful Minds

The notion is that we create our own realities…the stories you tell yourself, the views that you create of yourself, become you. Change the way you think, rewrite the stories you tell and you will experience fresher, and more purposeful realities.

However, there is just one problem; this is a lot easier said than done. Removing dysfunctional realities and a Cognitive style that motivates depressive and anxious thoughts is difficult. Our mind is so powerful that, for many, the dark thoughts of depression are actually accompanied by perceptual sensations and therefore creating personal realities. Steffen Moritz suggested the usual assessment and treatment of depression, which typically deals with negative verbal thoughts as if they are distinct from negative mental imagery and perceptual sensations was wrong. He found that experiencing depressive thoughts with perceptual sensations tends to go hand in hand with more serious depressive illnesses.

Around 50% of the sample reported sensory properties with their depressive thoughts. It was finally suggested by Moritz et al that this was a neglected area and believed; “vivid sensory colouring of negative thoughts may … be regarded as a common phenomenon affecting half of depressed patients. It follows that rather than focusing solely on verbal content, sensory properties of thoughts warrant greater consideration in depression.”

Therefore, I want people to be aware that Depression is REAL. When depression gets hold of you the simplest of tasks become so difficult, you feel sluggish both mentally and physically. You have essentially become trapped inside your own mind and true access to your thoughts lie behind a locked door. Sometimes, momentarily, the doors are unlocked and you are allowed to communicate with yourself, but eventually you know the doors will be locked again and you will have to await another opportunity to function like a ‘normal’ member of society. Consequently, you have to take advantage of the good times and try to live life through rose tinted glasses.

Nevertheless, there is help. Other people seem to have a key that fits the locked doors, you just need to let them in when they come knocking.

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