Hello, Nice to Meet You.

It certainly is a daunting prospect for me to start something new. I’ve written a few blogs over the years, but only on behalf of companies about travelling, fashion and even aerospace parts, but never a blog about myself. I am a pretty private person; my anxiety acts as a mouth gag when it comes to expressing emotion, and I’m afraid that my own family will be sickened by the darker thoughts in my mind. My life seems to be an enormous catch-22; I was diagnosed with Dyslexia, but love to write; I dream of travelling, but I’m afraid to be alone (not to mention I am terrified of flying); People view me as ‘the clown’ of a group, yet I have Depression; I fantasise over having a career that helps people…but, being honest, I need help myself.

I’m hoping that these words will be purifying for myself. I’m hoping that the lacking ability to see people’s immediate reactions to the words will allow me to empty my closet of a few unwanted, terrifying, skeletons. I’m also praying that this blog will connect me with a few new friends, or maybe be noticed by a company who can read about what abilities I might have and understand why I might be so anxious, or at face value, unappealing in an interview.

I have a few boxes I need to tick off whilst writing this blog. I don’t want to glamourize mental illnesses, nor do I want anyone to panic whilst reading my blog. I want to take you on an adventure on how I am going to beat my Depression, my Anxiety, teach my brain to overcome traits of Dyslexia and slowly remove any expeditions to the Pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Parts of the blog might feature Psychology studies or findings and that’s because I am a Marketing and Psychology student at a top University in the UK, I am proud of that and dream of having a career that might allow me to feel secure in life. All I ask is that you stay safe whilst reading my blog.  


Twitter: @SunnyandStormy


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