Fight for Your Life

“Life”, what exactly does life mean? It’s what you’re born with. You exist in it every day. All year, every year. It is what you have until you are dead…it is your only job you are completely trusted with on this plant and you are responsible for it. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? I … More Fight for Your Life

#WorldMentalHealthDay – 22 Things about me that have Nothing to do with my Depression

Today I’ve realised that people with mental disorders worry a lot about stigmas. We worry that someone may treat us differently just because our mind works differently to what’s suggested as ‘normal’; and because of this people are scared to talk. I want to focus on the sunny side of my blog and make you … More #WorldMentalHealthDay – 22 Things about me that have Nothing to do with my Depression


Have you heard about the spoon theory? Ever since my friend linked me to it about a year ago, I think about spoons all the time, strange I know but stick with me! In short, extremely short, spoons are a metaphor for units of energy. When you have depression or another illness or disability, unit … More Spoons?

Hang on

I once felt like a cup of water…stay with me…a cup that’s not half empty, but half spilled. Spilt and broken all over through floor with anger and pain and then I’ve been stood on and kicked across the room, but more recently I feel like a cup half full. Today I came to a … More Hang on